Terms of Service


This is an acknowledgment between VPN VPN VPN Unlimited Proxy Master Inc and you for VPN services,
standard services, and features. Our service is not to be used for committing a crime.
It gives privacy and security through a particular IP address. You agree not to breach the law wherever you may be.
By default when accessing our services, you accept to shield your ID & password and our resources from non-approved use and not share your account information with other people. Once logged in, it is your responsibility for all the activities that occur on our servers. You are not allowed to use our service to mail spam, scan port, check for a free proxy server, send an unnecessary bulk email or any other type even with the knowledge that it is transmitted to another server. You are not allowed to use our servers for  malicious activity such as DOS attempts, BOT attacks, etc or any other type of cyber crime. We do not allow putting other computer or network at risk when using our service. There may be differences in service coverage, speeds, addresses, and standards. Our service readily is available apart from maintenance duration. Other reasons like a crisis, additional service failures, transfer problem, network limitation, interruption, signal problem, and service connection could also be interfered, 

denied, restricted or stopped could also render the server unavailable.
VPN VPN VPN Unlimited Proxy Master Inc cannot be blamed for your data, non-delivery of messages,
lost pages, delays, or misdirection due to interference or performance issues with the service network.
We reserve the right to make changes to our service offers. Network speed hardly influences the rate at which our service sends or receives data. There are several factors for actual network speed,
but the primary ones are configuration, compression, and network congestion.
There isn’t a guarantee as data delivery could be disrupted or deleted. Suspensions or terminations will be handed out to those who use our services for hacking, cracking, spreading of viruses,
network endangerment, and phishing. You are responsible for proper configuration as our VPN is not accountable for any damage caused by it.
So that is the agreement. Terms of service changes will be updated if there are any and you ought to check it.




Privacy Policy



Our service is based on privacy and security, and so it is only right that our users know the things we gather.


What data is gathered and kept about all visitors to our website?


For website visitor information, VPN VPN VPN Unlimited Proxy Master Inc uses Google Analytics
. When you load a page on our site, a Javascript code is carried out which hands over a report to 
Google Analytics for analytical purposes. For top privacy, Google is permitted only a portion of the IP
address. Google Analytics may have a web cookie, but you can bypass it by installing a browser 


What data do we gather and keep when you sign up for our VPN service?


We only store your email address. Payment details are not stored and are separately processed by Apple.


What data is logged when customers connect to our VPN service?


Randomly generated username and private IP address disappear every few hours. Your browsing history
is never logged, and anyway, that is your business. Your public IP has no connection with it.


What data is kept when I stop using your service?


On our side, we keep none of your data in our server. So whenever you delete the app from your mobile 
device, the information is deleted.

What happens if you receive a legal notice such as a DMCA for copyright material that I have downloaded?
All legal notices are directed at VPN VPN VPN Unlimited Proxy Master Inc.


How do we react when requested by an authority for information relating to a customer?


VPN VPN VPN Unlimited Proxy Master Inc is incorporated in USA. VPN VPN VPN Unlimited Proxy Master Inc will follow the court order if it gets it from a recognized legal authority within the jurisdiction. But the company is not bound to hand over information it does not possess.


Policy Changes


VPN VPN VPN Unlimited Proxy Master Inc reserves policy changes.


Refund Policy


Only our payment processor Apple reserves the permission and right to give you a refund.


Subscription Policy


Please check apps’ policy