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Meet VPN Master Pro

"We aim to develop easy to use yet powerful tools that allow anyone to stay safe from hackers"

Our mission

Driven by the vision from 1989, the inception year of the World Wide Web, we are dedicated to shaping an internet free from online threats and hackers. Our quest is to restore the web to its intended glory - safe, open, and unencumbered. Experience the digital realm as it was meant to be.

Why VPN Master Pro

Secure browsing for websites globally

Effortlessly access your preferred websites and apps with VPN Master Pro, ensuring you're always shielded from potential online threats. Navigate the digital realm confidently, knowing your data and privacy are our top priorities. Experience true online tranquility.

Protect Your Data from Hackers

When you connect to a public WiFi Hotspot, a hacker can get your name, password, and other personal information. VPN Master Pro encrypts your data and gives you banking-level security to keep you safe when you're connected to an unsecured wifi hotspot.

Surf the web Anonymously

Don't let Hackers spy on you, and don't let websites track and target you with ads. VPN Master Pro changes your IP address, hiding your online identity and making it hard for people and businesses to see what you do online.

Who we are

Our ideals

VPN Master Pro is based on the ideas of confidence, trust, and coming up with new ideas. We like that our customers can choose what they want, and we try to come up with new ways to use technology.

Market leader

What started out as a single VPN server is now one of the most trusted providers of internet security, with over 3 million users around the world. VPN Master Pro is known by influential tech sites and IT security experts for its strong morals and well-thought-out features.

Internet security solutions

VPN Master Pro changed from what it was made to do at first. Along with VPN services, we now offer our users a wide range of internet security services.

Creating a safer and better internet

Leader of privacy advocacy

VPN Master Pro is the leader in privacy advocacy. In coming years, VPN master pro plans to contribute more to save people from hackers and terrorists

Social Responsibility

We save people from being hacked, We also train them regarding cybersecurity

Bug bounty

No one is flawless. And a service that has millions of users all over the world is bound to have some bugs. We started a bug bounty program to make sure we find and fix as many security holes as possible. It helps us make VPN Master Pro better and more secure, and it gives some happy hunters rewards for their hard work.


Audits are a great way to find bugs and holes or to show that your big claims are true. We have had two app security audits in the last couple of years to make sure that our apps are as safe as possible. Independent researchers took our apps apart and tried to break them from every angle. They then told us about any problems they found so we could fix them. We checked out all of our suppliers to make sure they are safe and trustworthy. VPN Master Pro was also the first VPN service to have an independent audit of our claims that we don't keep logs. This was a huge step forward for the industry. Several VPN services have now done their own audits, setting a new standard for all VPN services.


Absolutely, VPNs are permitted in numerous countries globally, encompassing the US, Canada, and the vast majority of Europe. It's essential, though, to ensure you're not engaging in unlawful activities while connected. Yet, in nations that emphasize stringent online surveillance and censorship, VPNs might face limitations or outright bans. Specifically, in countries like North Korea, Belarus, Oman, Iraq, and Turkmenistan, VPNs are prohibited. Meanwhile, nations such as Russia and China implement significant restrictions on VPN usage. If you value your online freedom, consider VPN Master Pro for a secure and seamless experience.

Opting for a premium VPN service means not only valuing speed but also uncompromising security. While many free VPNs can't deliver consistent performance and might even compromise your data, VPN Master Pro ensures you're getting top-notch service without the pitfalls. With VPN Master Pro, your online adventures are backed by state-of-the-art encryption, ensuring a seamless and safe browsing experience. Worried about making a commitment? We understand. That's why VPN Master Pro offers a 3-day free trial when you purchase via the App Store. Dive in, explore the vast digital ocean with confidence, and witness the difference for yourself. Your online integrity is paramount. Choose wisely, choose VPN Master Pro.

Absolutely, with VPN Master Pro, your travels just got a lot safer. While on the go, our encrypted VPN tunnel ensures your data remains protected, even on unsecured networks. Moreover, you can continue accessing your favorite content and websites as if you were back home. For a seamless experience, ensure you download our apps and secure your subscription prior to departure. Some restrictive destinations might limit access to VPN services, so it's best to be prepared with VPN Master Pro. Safe travels!

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There are absolutely no setup or hidden fees with us. Opt for our monthly plan and enjoy the flexibility of no contracts. Alternatively, select our annual plan to benefit from a 41% discount, though please note that discounts may vary over time. The annual plan comes with a year-long commitment.

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